Weekly Photo Challenge

I was really mad on some relatives for somethings they said and did. I was so mad that my head hurts for all I wanted, was to say a lot of things to them and tell them how wrong they are and how I don’t like it. So to distract myself I opened up the WordPress reader and started checking out different blogs where I read about this weekly photo challenge. I am a new blogger at WordPress and still learning everything like commenting, pingbacks, prompting, themes etc etc. This photography challenge distracted me from my anger and what I was angry about. At that time this thought came to my mind and inspiration struck.



Anger is like this burning match sticks, temporary. Anger will burn searing hot and make you red hot mad. Blazing hot and ready to burn anything comes in the way, just like these matches. Anger paralyses the thinking process of ones brain resulting in thoughts and words which you regret later. But it is temporary like the fire of these matches, but what remains back are ashes and blackness and nothing else. So what permanent are the people in your life, there will ups and down, love and anger but it is only temporary but the people around you are never going away so to keep them close, let go of the anger and madness cause that is temporary.


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